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Misfit: Ominous Houses Art Print-Postcards Packs

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These little art print post cards have some flaws, none of which compromise the art work, but they cannot be sold at full price. (see photos for details, mostly little dots, some corner/tape shadows (?)

If placed in a frame these flaws are unnoticeable. Still great for actual post card use, thank you notes, etc.

These are 5x7 art prints and post cards! 

Choose a variety of combinations!

Packs contain either/all:
 H.Potter, Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, & Beetlejuice.

All designs are created by The Sketchy Pumpkin. Please do not steal this art, © The Sketchy Pumpkin, LLC.

Tiktok: @thesketchypumpkin

SHOP: @thesketchypumpkinshop

ART: @thesketchypumpkin